( Sponsored Review ) Geo princess Mimi in Apple Green

Hi guys~
more circle lens review~!
this review is sponsored by Softlensholic
They kindly sent me this Geo Princess Mimi (Apple Green) for review purpose.

Geo Princess Mimi is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka. Super popular Gyaru Model from Japan.

She is sooooooooo pretty right?? (●´∀`●)

Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green




Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green (WMM 303)
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water content: 38% - 42%
Base Curve: 8.7
Life span: 1 year

Here is how it's look on my eyes



The color of this lens is green with a hint on yellow ring on the pupil area. Thick black ring on the outside makes it looks fake. But it's looks really nice from a far! and not forgetting 15 mm larger eyes effect~! (◕‿◕✿)

What i really like about this lens is, it blended really well on my dark iris, but i can still see the green colors. It's looks pretty vibrant on my dark eyes. This lens really good for cosplay~

This lenses if MAD comfortable! i don't know if it just me, but i feel's like wearing nothing with this lens~ i will sure buy another colors from this series~!

More Picture wearing Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green



looks nice with more distance right? (●´∀`●)
Sorry for my creepy smile...(T▽T)

- Vibrant color
- 15.0 mm enlargement effect
- Comfortable
- Easy to find

- Look not natural if you look closely

Please don't forget to check Softlensholic for affordable lenses~ (for Indonesia Only )

Thank you for reading~ hope you guys not get bored. (´;ω;`)

Have a nice day~
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( Sponsored Review ) Etude House Touch! Touch Shadow Liner No.3

Hi guys~! Another review of Etude House make up now~
I just can't get enough of Etude House, (●´∀`●)
Ai ni from Mylovelysister kindly sent me this product to try, *happy tears \(T∇T)/
okay so the product is called Touch Touch! Shadow Liner, Mine is in No.3





this shadow liner have 4 different colors to choose.


The texture of this shadow liner is so creamy! i try to swatch it on my hand with eyeliner brush and it glides on like butter~ ⊙▽⊙

swatch on my hand


the color is brown with fine gold glitters, it's so pretty~ (´∀`)

Okay, i live in humid city so eye makeup have to be waterproof!
so here is waterproof test~!


and after rub my hand with the water, it's still there~!! but the color fade a little. At least it will not give you panda eyes!◎▼◎


what i like about this shadow liner is the color is really pigmented and intense.
so we can use it as an eyeliner and eye shadows as well! (‘∀’●)♡

Used as Eyeliner

Used as Eye shadow

One product and you can use it two ways~! so cool right?
I'm into natural makeup looks lately, so i used brown color a lot. Like eye shadows, eyeliners... i really like my Holika Holika Jewel Light Liners, but now i think this one will be my favorite! because with just one products i can have my eyeliner + eyeshadow = so convenient!

One thing that i don't like about this product is,
whats wrong with the packaging? (/゚Д゚)/
Usually Etude House have a really cute and princess like packaging...(>д<)
well, it's okay because the product it self is great. (*´・v・)

- Really Pigmented
- Creamy texture
- Waterproof
- Smudgeproof
- Not pricey
- Convenient 2 in 1 product

- Boring packaging

Rating: 4.5/5

Another great find! Maybe No. 1 or No.4 will be a great choice for more intense makeup~!
if you interested in this product don't forget to visit Mylovelysister or their Facebook here. They sell a lot of Korean and Japan beauty products. Unfortunately they don't ship worldwide, but i'm sure there's a lot of Online Store that Sells Etude House products and ship worldwide. (´∀`)

That's it for today i hope you guys enjoy my review.
Ah! and i added Formspring on my blog, so if you guys want to ask something please do~ 

Last Picture of my self using the product as eye shadows,


Have a nice day! \(^▽^@)ノ
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(Review) Etude House Aloha Dear Darling Tint

Hi guyss~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
ahhh~ finally a review again~ sorry for lack of post...(T_T)

today review is Etude House Aloha Dear Darling Tint (no.4)!


i've been so addicted with lip tint lately~ and specially orange lip tint!
dunno why but i love orange lips more than pink for now! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

i bought this lip tint to try it out because i'm not satisfied with my miss tangerine soda tint

the packaging is so cute!! love the pattern on the cap~


this lip tint have a gel but runny consistency, and comes with sponge applicator~


when the first time i open this lip tint, i just amazed! wowww it smells so good~~(°◇°;).... i feels like i want to eat it!(゜▽゜;) lol~
no kidding~ this smells really good~ and actually it taste not bad too! taste kinda like orange~
i really like this lip tint~ it stay longer on my lips than my miss tangerine lip tint~ and for this bright orange color, it's actually looks wearable on lips!
my HG orange lip tint for now~ i feels like want to buy the berry pink one~ (≧▽≦)

here is the swatch on my hand


here is how it's look after blended


swatch on lips + lip gloss

with flash

without flash

- Cute Packaging~! (as always great job Etude House!)
- Smells good
- Taste good
- Long lasting ( minus drinking or eating )

- dry a little bit on lips, be sure to apply lip balm before using this lip tint.

Rating: 5/5

I don't mind the dry on lips part~ because i always use lip balm before apply this lip tint~ if you like bitten look on lips you have to try this lip tint~ (^ω^)

more pics~ using my phone camera~



have a nice day~~
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(Review) Geo Princess Mimi Café Series Latte

Hi guys~! today review is about CIRCLE LENS! yayy~
you can see my previous circle lens review here

i'm going to review this lens that i got from Softlensholic

Geo Princess Mimi Café Series Latte



Geo Princess cafe latte (WMM-506)
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Water content: 42%
Life span: 1 year


i got this cute hippo? lens case for free~ "ヽ(´▽`)ノ"


this is my EOTD wearing this lens, my iris is really dark so the pattern was not really shown. but you can still see the pattern a little. Pretty right? I think the pattern is like this? (゜▼゜*)

This lens looks way~~~ more natural than black circle lenses. which sometimes can make your eyes looks like alien, ⊙▂⊙
the pattern looks more vibrant if you takes photos with flash, in real life you can still see the pattern but it's more darker and not really visible from far away. 15mm diameters makes your eye bigger! but not over big! love it~ ヾ(*´∇`)ノ
i wear this lens for 5 or 6 hours, and this lens is really comfortable!

more photos when wearing Geo Princess Mimi Café Series Latte




- Natural enlargement effect
- 15 mm diameter
- Nice pattern
- Looks natural
- Really Comfortable

- Pattern not really shown on dark eyes, but still visible

Please check out Softlensholic page for cheap and authentic lenses! they carry a lot of different lenses such as Geo Lens, Barbie Eye, Miss Eye, and Eva. Their customer service is great too! my order comes really fast and i already order two times on this site. \(^ω^\)
Unfortunately they only ship for Indonesian customer for now.
Check out their facebook and facebook page too!

Disclaimer: i'm not being paid for doing this review, and i buy this lens with my own money ^w^
hope you guys enjoy my review~! (⌒.−)=★
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