( Review ) CabinCrew Kit, Skin Renewal Serum

Hi Lovelies~

Anybody here loves Travelling? or have a busy lifestyle?

Travelling can be harsh for your skin because of different climate on each places that you go, lack of hydration on your skin, it cause our skin to be dull and dry.

In a busy city like Jakarta, pampering our self becomes very difficult yet our skin are exposed with hot climate, pollution and dirt every single day!

recently i found a great skincare called CabinCrew Kit, a skincare that specially made to frequent travellers or busy people whose often exposed to harsh climate. 

About CabinCrew:

The differences in altitude and environment or seasonal change of weather would often result to an exposure of a harsh impact unto your skin. An enriched hydrating agent in your skincare regime is essential to maintain a supple and healthy skin.

- Cabincrewkit series is suitable for both men and women. People from the east and west.
- They provide your skin an optimal dosage of active ingredients for best results in a shorter time.
- Their natural blends of ingredients with a ground breaking formula is designed for both dark and fair skin.
- Their products contains 0% paraben.
- Their products are encapsulated by multilayered liposomes for penetration into deeper layer allowing your skin showing noticeable improvement in just days.

i've been trying Skin Renewal Serum from CabinCrew Kit for a week now,


To avoid premature aging of your skin, it is essential to maintain an exfoliated condition in achieving an improved skin texture. When you remove dead tissue on the surface of your skin during exfoliation, it helps to minimize your pores as they seem smaller because this process removes the keratinized skin around the edges of your pores. Exfoliation also reveals the moisture underneath the tissue. Skin Renewal Serum is a gentle exfoliation agent with a non-irrational formula which supports in removing the uppermost layer of skin debris and uncover the soft and smooth skin beneath for a more youthful glow. Have a radiant, fair and hydrated skin in just days.

How It Works

Skin Renewal Serum has a gentle approach in promoting the exfoliation of top layer of dry, dead skin cells, revealing newer and healthier skin. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Improve skin’s elasticity and youthful glow with a stimulation of collagen synthesis. Visibly improve overall skin texture, tone and radiance. Have fairer and dewy skin in just days. Suitable for daily use. 


Apply 2 full pump evenly over cleansed face and neck. Avoid eyes area. For daily night use only. Due to the sun sensitivity in AHA elements, it is recommended to use sunscreen when you are out in the day. Suitable for all skin types.

The packaging is very nice and elegant, it's very simple with white bottle and typography but it doesn't look boring.

The bottle itself is very strong, the cap is also quite hard to open. For me strong bottle and cap is very important if you bring skincare for traveling, because it will not easily open inside your bag and messed up everything inside.

The pump is also a plus because it's more hygiene, and it's easier to measure how much we take out the products. 2 pumps is enough for entire face and neck.

the consistency is like gel and doesn't have any color, it's really easy to spread on skin and absorbed really fast. Once i applied it on my skin the first thing that i notice is the smell. It's not a good smell, and kinda overwhelming for me, it's like medicine smell (?) but the smell disappeared after it absorb onto the skin.

After a week using this at night, i can see that after i wake up my skin looks better and glowing. My big pore on my nose are slightly become smaller! i can feel that this product is really moisturized my skin really well, because i have a dry skin specially on my nose area (usually flaky and i can tear the flaky skin off..eww), but i didn't see my flaky skin this week which is awesome!
Thank you CabinCrew, my skin looks amazing!

CabinCrew Kit, Skin Renewal Serum

- Nice packaging
- No paraben
- Travel friendly 
- Moisturizing
- Smaller pores
- Glowing skin

- smells weird
- for night use only

You can check all of CabinCrew products at their website mycabincrewkit.com
I really interested with their anti aging products, you guys also have to check it out!

Also you can buy CabinCrew products with 8% Discount!!
please use this Coupon code: MATCHA8OFF

Thank you for reading, hope this review helps!
Have a nice day!


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The WORST eyeliner ever!

Hi lovelies~

Did you ever go to google and search for reviews of products that you want to buy?
I did that all the time before i buy a products,
i've been searching for a good gel eyeliner but most of them are EXPENSIVE,
and more expensive here in my country.

so i stumbled upon this gel eyeliner from ELF, i read the reviews and most of people said that it's amazing, not smudge, waterproof etc. and it's CHEAP!
so i think i'll give it a try.

I ordered it online, it's actually just 3$ but with shipping and agent tax i have to pay 8-9$ for this eyeliner.

i think that if the quality is nice i don't bother to pay 8-9$, it's still cheaper that other high end brand eyeliner right?

BUT! i was wrong!

This eyeliner smudges on me 5 minutes after applying... makes me like a panda...
and it's hard to apply this eyeliner because the formula is not creamy,
what makes me very disappointed is, a week after i open this eyeliner,
it's already dry and cracked!

the only thing that was nice from this product is the brush... yup this eyeliner comes with a brush.
i still keep the brush but using other gel eyeliner.

- the brush

- not waterproof
- not pigmented
- not creamy
- dry and cracked after a week

Maybe it's just me, maybe for you this eyeliner is fantastic.
but for me this eyeliner is the worst that i ever buy.

will never buy this again or maybe anything from ELF,
i really don't want to dislike the brand so if you have a recommended product from ELF,
please do let me know so i can try it. 

Thank you for reading,
have a nice day! ^w^ /

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( Review ) Bangkok Face Skincare

Hi guys!

a couple months ago i received this Thailand skincare products that have been EVERYWHERE,
Thailand skincare is really popular right now, so i think i'll give it a try.

Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask

Gem Fruit Pudding Cream

This daily cream contains Pomegranate extract for firming and moisturizing, Apple stem cells to slowdown pores damaging processes, Dermcom from Crocus chrysanthus to make your skin delicate as silk.

The texture of the cream itself which resemble pudding is bouncy and smooth! the cream is quite thick but blend easily on the face.

For me this cream is so-so,  it does makes your skin feels tight and firm after used but i didn't see any significant change on my skin. Also it's quite dry for my skin. I think this cream is great for oily skin ( my skin is dry ).

Lotus Sparkling Mask

This mask contains various extracts from the pure deep blue ocean that enhances cells energy reform as well as producing new healthy cells, repairing damages cells intensely up to DNA levels, Royal lotus stamen extract to brightens our skin also acting as anti inflammatory as well. Green caviar extract contains essential amino acids. this mask moisturize our skin and recovered aging, dried and wrinkled skins.

this lotus mask smells really nice and also easy to spread. i usually spread it thickly on my skin 1-2 times a week before sleep, and then wash it in the morning.
This mask is my favorite from this line because it's so moist and makes my face feels plumped in the morning. it's moisturize my dry skin so well and i already hit the bottom of the jar Lol.
I recommended this mask for people with dry skin.

I got this Bangkok Face skin care from Kimberly 
you can contact her on Facebook to get this awesome skincare,
She also sell a lot more skincare from Thailand, please do check it out!

That's it for today thank you for reading ^^/
Have a nice day!

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