Starry Sky Nail

who doesn't like pretty nails?
i always grow my nail and love to do Nail Art. But sometimes using
nail polish can stained our nail, and yellow nail is not pretty at all!
Recently I found this nail art product called "Nail Wraps" at Bornpretty Store,
it's a full nail design that you can apply on your nail just like stickers!

The pattern is soooo beautiful and super sparkling. It's a starry night sky and looks like one of the Van Gogh painting.
I posted it on my Instagram and so many of my friend said that it's pretty and cool.
This is my favorite nail art pattern so far!
It's easy to use, just stick it on your nail, and file the extra part or just clip it with nail clip like me.
Apply A LOT of top coat to make it last longer, if you not apply it enough it will peeled off. What i like about this nail wrap is it doesn't stained my nail like nail polish do. And super easy and fast to apply~
Make sure to check this Nail Wrap at Bornpretty Store, i'm sure they have many more
interesting design there!
you can use my COUPON CODE: PM10K31 for 10% Discount!
Thank you for reading, have a good day!
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Feminine Flowery Nail Art

Hello ladies!
I'm feeling kinda girl lately, so i decided to make a very girly and feminine Nail Art,
with nail decals from Bornpretty Store.

I'm using 1 Sheet Water Decals Full Stikers Chic Flower

it's very easy to use, just cut your favorite part of the design, wet it with water for a few seconds,
and stick it on your nail! Make sure to use top coat to seal your decals and make it last
here is how it's look on my nail~

The only hard part is the design is so small that when i cut it, it's very hard to handle
the decals with my finger. Maybe you can use tweezer for this part, but i'm just bad
at using tweezer.
you can get this nail decals at BornprettyStore,
make sure to check out their other design too, because they
have a lot of nail art supplies, and you can get 10% DISCOUNT for your
purchase using COUPON CODE: PM10K31

Thank you very much for reading, have a nice day!

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Etude House Oh My God! Dry Shampoo

are you a big fan of Dry Shampoo?
i have a long hair and with this Jakarta humidity, my hair often gets oily
after i finish work. What if i have a date after work? will i go with my oily hair?!
of course not! that's why dry shampoo is an important product for any girls out there with
oily hair. I still in a journey to find a good dry shampoo, will this product satisfy me?
let's see!
Etude House OMG! Dry Shampoo

it have a usually cute packaging ( Etude House speciality ), with Pink bottle and a girl
picture that showing her messy oily hair becomes nice, pretty and have more volume.

it's a spray type dry shampoo, super easy to use, just spray and done!
the smell is very flowery and quiet strong, but for me this dry shampoo didn't really work.

My hair still oily after using this, and the product run out really fast.
For me it's just work as a Hair Perfume.
Maybe my hair is too oily, or this product just doesn't work (?)
let me know your experience with this product in the comment box below!

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