(Review) Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

hi guysss~ sorry for lack of posting >.<
as always~~ i'll review one of my make up collection~
please don't feel bored,
today review is about~
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

I always want to try eye primer, because when i wear eyeshadow it always fade away and not long lasting.... and i heard about Urban Decay Primer Potion which is very famous among beauty blogger, but when i check the prize OMG it's too expensive for me....

so i search for eye primer that maybe can be compare to UDPP, and i found this!

Whats written on the box:
Proof 10 eye primer supplies coverage to eyelids and around the eyes to enhance eye shadows color and integrity for a longer lasting, perfect 10 look.

i try to swatch it on my hand, and its blend well too~

some experiment on eye shadow~
can you see the different?
the upper line is WITHOUT eye primer
and the bottom line is WITH eye primer~ it makes the color show really well!
on the second picture i use really sheer color eyeshadow, you almost can't see light green, light blue and light pink color without eye primer.
I really in LOVE with this eye primer~! my eyeshadow stay in place all day~ and it's CHEAPER than UDPP~!! i bought it for IDR 95.000 = around $10 ?? totaly HG because the price is so cheap compare to its quality!

- Cheap
- Easy to find
- Long Lasting
- Good Quality
- Enhance eyeshadow color

- Maybe it'll be hard to get the product when it almost run out because the shape of the packaging.

Rating: 4.5/5

btw i can't get in touch with Glitterskulls, she won my mini giveaway, but because of this i can't send the prize, hmmm maybe she will reply me, i'll wait for a couple day,

thats it for tonight~
have a nice day~
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My Beauty Diary Mask Giveaway Result !

hi guys~
today i'll announce the winner of my mini giveaway~
at first i thought no one will join , ><
but i'm glad there is some people joining~
thx guys~ love youuu~XD
okay so the winner issss~~~

Congrats dearr~ XD
Please email me your address dear~ i can't find your email address on your blog~ >"<
My email is peach_matcha@yahoo.com
thx for joining and once again congrats~!

More review will coming soon~
good night~~
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(Review) Geo Xtra Nudy ( WCH 622 )

hi guyss~! i just received my lens order today~~

i can't wait to review it~

Geo Xtra Nudy ( WCH 622 ) Bluee!

Geo Xtra Nudy
code: WCH 622
color: Blue
B.C: 8.70
Dia: 15.0 mm
Origin: Korea

15,0 mm diameter is pretty big~! i heard that there is a lens with 17,0 mm as diameter? i wonder how big it is....
and guess what i got? Got this lens case as a bonus for my purchase!!


i'm a little bit surprised when i open the packages, because normally i'll got animal lens case as a bonus, something like this
is this a new bonus lens case? O.O
anybody received this lens case when buying circle lens?
but i'm kinda like this lens case because i don't own anything like this, so this one will be my favorite lens case.
so here is my picture when i try it
With and Without
With eye makeup

i loveee this lens! it makes my eyes appear bigger! my small eyes looks bigger = love <3
and i still can see the blue color which i'm afraid will be not shown well, because my iris is very dark.
first time trying it i feel comfortable too, but i'll try too wear it longer next time, ;)
actually i bought this for my next cosplay project, i'll cosplaying Black Rock Shooter for the next event at February and join the competition,

- Affordable
- Easy to get
- A lot of variant and color to choose
- Great for cosplay
- Eyes appear bigger

- I can't hate circle lens from Geo~~~ T_T

Rating: 5/5

i got this lens from softlensholic , you guys check it out!
By the way did you guys already join my Mini Giveaway?
please join here it will end soon~


have a nice day~~ >w<
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(Review) My Beauty Diary Mask (aloe) + Giveaway

hi girls~ long time no post huh,
but don't worry! i have a little surprise for you girls in the end of this review~

today review is about
My Beauty Diary Mask (Aloe)

do you know about beauty diary mask?
My beauty Diary Mask are face masks which originates from Taiwan. My Beauty Diary is very popular in Asia as My Beauty Diary Masks are made of natural ingredients, proven effective and most of all, they are affordable! Even Taiwanese actresses, Big 'S' (Da S also known as Barbie Hsu) and Small 'S' (Xiao S also known as Dee Hsu) recommend the masks.
My beauty diary provides a wide selection of mask to suit different skin texture needs in different seasons.
This selection aims at restoring a delicate, young and fair look to skin.
with meticulous care this mask selection provides, your beauty diary is sure to be recorded with improved looks day after day~
FYI My Beauty Diary consists of a wide range of masks, each has different characteristic and purpose and My Beauty Diary masks have different range for different skin types. Whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, dehydrated or dull, there is definitely at least one that suits you.

Mine is in aloe~ its in a Top 5 most popular beauty diary mask~

My face while using it
 there is so much essence there~ its written that we can leave it for 20 minutes, but i leave it more than that~ because it feels so nice when using it, when you feels that your skin is tired this is nice for relaxation because there's cooling effect when you use it.
after using you can pat your skin so the essence will absorb more~
Excess essence from the packaging may be applied on the neck by massage.

- Affordable
- Have a lot of variant to choose
- Have cooling effect 
- Great effect on skin

- None :D

Rating: 5/5

i loveeeee My beauty diary mask so much!
so i'm going to share it with you guys~

Join My Mini Giveaway!
this is what i will give to the one winner only~ and i will add more extra things there~

its contain :
My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask
My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Mask
Etude House Aloe Mask

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

This mask is No. 1 the most popular variant of My Beauty Diary Mask!!
Hydrating, whitening

Skin type:
All skin types especially skin which is dull and lacks firmness

Combining the active ingredients from the black pearl together with extracts from the marine and plants, it enhances the hydration of the skin improving radiance.Natural vitamin C extracted from plant essence helps to exfoliate gently, removing dead skin on the surface. This allows for deep moisturising, improving skin elasticity, energizing the skin for a healthy, radiant look. 

My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle mask 
smells like delicious dark cocoa powder, believe me! its hard to endure not to lick it!
brightens the face for a temporary radiance boost, and hydrates dry skin

Etude House Aloe Mask Sheet
Essence mask contains moisturizing aloe vera to prevent acne and soothe skin
Clean application without residue
Comes in easy-to-use adhesive sheets

How To Join:

- You must be a public follower on my blog (follow my blog via Google Friend Connect) and post your GFC name on your comment (+2 Point)

- follow me on twitter @MatchaMei  and tweet about this giveaway, mention me in the tweet so I can check it, and post the link of your tweet on your comment (+1 Point)

- Post about this giveaway on your blog and post the link of your blog post on your comment(+1 Point)

- Put this giveaway in your sidebar (+1 Point)

This  Giveaway will close on 20th November 2011 and the winner will be announced Monday 21th November 2011, ( this giveaway is open Internationally )

Good luck guys!
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Pond's Clear Balance Giveaway Packages @cominica.net

Hi everyone~ want to get 10 packages from Pond's for 10 winner for free??
JOIN Cominica giveaway! xD
there's 4 variant new product from Pond's for you to get! ;D

How to join? it's very easy! 
more point you get more chances for you to win!

1. Like  Pond's Teens page and post on their wall "joining Pond's giveaway from "link of cominica giveway"  (+2 point)
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Extra Point (optional) :
- Follow cominica blog via Google Friend Connect (+1 point)
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this is for indonesian only~
good luck guys~!
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(Tutorial) Bigger eyes Makeup~

hi lovelies~
today i'll show you my favorite eye makeup~ ( my best friend requested it )
i always wear this look when i go to some Cosplay event, or when i hanging out with my bf.
i'm not that good, but i want to share it with all of you,

 ( i'm sorry some of photos have a different lighting because i took the photos at different time, x_x)

Okay so let's start!

1. start with a clean bare eyes

2. Use eye primer so your eye makeup will last long

3. Apply your favorite basic color eye shadow and blend it ( mine is brown )

4. Apply darker color on the outer edge of the eye with V shape to make your crease more shown

5. Apply your favorite eyeliner and bring it out a little so your eyes will appear longer and bigger

6. bring the eyeliner down and stop half way to make your eyes appear bigger
( connect it with the upper line )

7. Smudge the bottom line with black eye shadow so it will look more natural

8. Curl your lashes

and apply fake eyelashes as close as possible to your lash line
My false eyelashes
Add false eyelashes glue and wait for 10 second ( aishh my crappy nail x_X )
this is how it looks like

apply for the other eye

9. Apply fake lower lashes

apply the fake eyelashes a little further from your real lash line for a bigger eyes effect

10. Apply light color eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes brighter

Don't forget to apply mascara~!


i need to learn more, lol~
i hope you enjoy the tutorial guys~
have a nice day~

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