(Review) Canmake Gokunobi Mascara + Comparison

hi everybody~
today review is about~~

Canmake Gokunobi Mascara 
can you see the fiber?
Description from the web:
The secret lies in the fibers and the rich, stretchy liquid ♡
With the dual effect of fibers and stretchy liquid, your lashes will be super-long, as though you’ve had lash extensions!!!
● Packed with fibers with a highly lengthening effect.
● The clay-like liquid flexibly coats your lashes, exerting a lengthening effect.
● Contains strong curling wax, so it also has a perfect curl-preserving effect ☆
Waterproof formulation, but can be removed with warm water!
● Can be removed quickly with warm water, for simple make-up removal.
● Can be removed without the need to rub, so can be applied over false lashes or lash extensions ☆
● Waterproof formulation that is resistant to water and sebum.

 how to use:
1. Using the side of the brush with the short bristles, apply 2-3 times from the roots to the tips, while moving the brush from left to right.
2. After it has dried a little, use the side of the brush with the long bristles to apply another coat as though extending the tips of your lashes.
3. On your lower lashes, apply from the root to the tip, as though pressing lightly.

i have been mentioned this mascara on my previous review~  here
i'm using this mascara everyday on my lower lashes, i like the shape of the wand its quiet small comparing to my maybelline magnum mascara, so its perfect for my small lower lashes~
so here is my bare lashes

hardly any lashes there and uneven eyelids....T___T
and here is using Canmake Gokunobi Mascara


comparing to my Maybelline Magnum Mascara

using Maybelline magnum mascara
using canmake gokunobi mascara

now you know why i only use it on my lower lashes, LoL
it works like wonder on my lower lashes! O.O
but i don't like using it on my upper lashes because it doesn't hold my curl....

overall i love this mascara on my lower lashes~ never found any problem on it~
and i already using it for more than 1 month! ♡

- Great lengthening effect
- Waterproof (It's film type prescription. So, please do not rub it too much)
- Easy to removed (only with warm water)
- Not pricey! (600 yen)
- Pink packaging~ xD
- small wand great for lower lashes

- Can't hold curl on upper lashes

Rating : 4.5/5


that's it for today~
have a nice day~


  1. Your skin is so pretty! How do you do it?

  2. @nana : no sweety~ i have a lot of flaw xO
    i wear bb cream, concealer and etc to make my face looks like this, lol~

  3. I guess you should wiggle the mascara a little so it wont clump :)
    but overall, good review dear!

  4. @stella : yes cc, thank you for the advice, >w<

  5. Anonymous8.11.11

    WOW! how did you get it? Lotta girls say its hard to find Canmake tho?! YOu may like my blog, so plz check it out! ;)

  6. @lily: i bought it online dear~
    i think there's so many online store sell it, O.O


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