( Tutorial ) Easy Newspaper Nailart

hi guys~ (。´∀`)ノ
today i want to share this super easy but cool nail art tutorial!
all you need is newspaper and rubbing alcohol~ easy right?
i found this trick at youtube and decide to try it~ apparently it's super easy!
i'm sure that you can do it too!
i'll show you step by step how to achieve this nail art~

What you need:
- Newspaper ( cut at desirable shape )
- Rubbing Alcohol 70% ( bought at local Indomart or Drugstore )
- Nail polishes and Topcoat
- a container for rubbing alcohol

For the newspaper, try to find some articles that have a decent size font that not too big or too small for your nails.

1. First, apply base coat to protect our nails. i'm using Nail Vita Base Coat from Skinfood

2. Apply white nail polish or any pale color nail polishes that you have, but white will be better and will look more like newspaper~

3. Dip your nail at a container filled with Rubbing Alcohol.

4. Quickly place the newspaper at your nail, and tap/rub the newspaper quite hard. Like when you apply temporary tattoo! 

5. when the rubbing alcohol are half evaporated, peel off the newspaper and the font should be stick on your nails! super easy right? 

6. Last apply Top Coat so your newspaper nailart will last longer~

I hope you enjoying this nailart tutorial, because i'm enjoying my newspaper nailart now~ 
if you try it please share it with me on the comment section below, 
or tweet me on twitter @matchamei

Have a nice day! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
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( Review ) Ultraflesh Shinebox

Hi guys! February is coming~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
i can sense romantic feeling is in the air, lol iykwim~ (-‿◦☀)

So today i'll reviewing this Shimmer pallete from Ultraflesh that i got from StrawberryNET

StrawberryNET is the biggest online retail that sells makeup, perfume, and skincare with more than 30.000 products from 600+ famous brands, they also offers up to 60% discounts and Free Worldwide shipping!
sounds legit right? (-^〇^-)

this pallete have a slide type box, so when we want to open the box we have to slides it,
it have 3 rows and each row consist of different type of shimmers/highlighters.

all rows opened!
Ultraflesh Shine Box Highlight & Shimmer Collection:
1x All Over Enhancer
2x All Over Shimmer
2x All Over Highlighter
Ideal both for personal use & as a gift

all over Enhancer
this all over enhancer have a really pretty shimmer, and the color is in coral tone. you can use it for highlight, blush, or even eyeshadow~ the texture is a little bit powdery but not too much, and really pigmented but easy to blend~

swatch without flash
with flash

all over shimmer
the all over shimmer is in cream texture, that great too use as shimmery eyeshadow base, or use for highlighting. this creamy shimmer is easy to blend as well! the color is in gold and nude shimmer that can be used at any occasions.

left: gold shimmer, right: nude shimmer
all over highlighter 
this all over highlighter is my favorite! i like to use it on my inner eyes area to make my eyes looks brighter and bigger~ in this box you will get two mini highlighter in Nude Shimmer which in nude color and Secret Shimmer which in white color.

left: Secret Shimmer, right: Nude Shimmer
Over all this Shimmer box is pretty cool, the packaging is really great as well. you can bring this box everywhere because the size is pretty travel friendly. the color is pretty and pigmented also easy to blend.
you can buy this product here
or visit StrawberryNET for more products with a great deal and free shipping worldwide~
have a nice day! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

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