EOTD Playing With Eye Shadows

Hi guys~
finally my internship is done!
yayy for free time~ XD
so i'm really bored today and i decide to play with eye shadows.
i don't really wear eye shadow normally...
i usually just wear eyeliner and mascara.
so i don't have a lot of eye shadow on my make up collections.
just have the natural color...
i also not really good at wearing it, but this is the result.


by the way i'm using this eye shadow

Revlon Custom Eyes ( in :sweet innocence )

when the first time i used it, it fell down....the eye shadow inside is cracking...
huftt... it look so messy right now so i decide to use a picture from google...

Here is some picture of me wearing this eye shadow



i really have to learn more about wearing eye shadow,
how do you guys think? i really want to hear some good advice.
i know you guys are really good at this, XD

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(Review) Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush

Hi guyss~~
i'm so sorry for lack of post~
being so busy with my internship and cosplay project...
today i'll reviewing a blush that i bought on new year.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush ( Fresh Coral )

Here is mine, the shade is called Fresh Coral




the color is actually more pink in real, it's almost looks like Hot Pink actually.

As you can see it have a really simple packaging and not cute at all, i'm a fan of Etude House packaging so this blush packaging is a downer.
But i forgive this blush because it's so AFFORDABLE! only around 4$~!

Here is the swatch on my hand


i'm pretty surprise with this blush! it's really pigmented! and the texture is really smooth, not powdery and easy to blend. Really impressed with this blush quality. But you have to be careful when using it, just a tiny amount is good but don't put it too much because this blush is really pigmented and can make your face like a clown...

I really LOVE this blush! the quality make me forget the ugly packaging. i want to try their cream blush actually but i can't find it, but i'm pretty happy that i bought this one instead.

- Really Pigmented
- Silky Smooth Texture
- Good staying power
- Easy to blend
- Easy to find

- Not cute packaging

Rating: 4.5/5

Here is some of photos of me wearing this blush



Good Night everyone~!
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Happy New Year!!! + Questions tag

Happy New Year 2012 guysss~~~!

how is your new year? i hope it's all fun~!
i spent my new year with my family~
so we went to my Aunt apartment and watch firework there~
here is some photos i took with my Samsung Galaxy Ace.


so much people and this is ON THE ROAD, of course it cause traffic jam....

yay firework!

More fireworks pics~ ( it's blocked by a tree though...)





blurred....but this one is really big!

after the fireworks we went to the MOI ( Mall Of Indonesia )

and i saw this....

New Year End Sale discount up to 70%!!!
OMG~ but i'm not buying the shoes, i run to the makeup section instead~ LOL
so who is shopaholic? 8D

And~ in this new year Janine was tagged me a questions tag~ thank you very much sweety~
so i will answer it now~

1. Where is the best place you've been to?
- My Hometown, the best place ever

2. What is the best movie you've ever seen?
- Pixar's Movie

3. Which do you like more: Curly or Straight hair?
- Straight, but when my hair is longer i'll curl it 8D

4. Would you spend more money in makeup or shoes?
- Makeup~
5. What is your favorite makeup brand?
- Japan and Korean brand, but i like NYX too.
6. What is your fashion must-have?
- Stockings, and over knee socks
7. If you had the chance to travel, to which country would you go?
- Japan~!
8. What is your best feature?
- I like the shape of my lips
9. Which do you like more: Ice Cream or Cake?
- Cakes! specially cheese cakes~
10. High Heels or Flats?
- High Heels~! because i'm small....
11. Would you like to go to the Past or Future?
- To the past if i can 8D

finishh yayy~~
and i've got past 50 follower already T___T
thank you very much guys, i love you all~!
Have a Great New Year!


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