Happy New Year!!! + Questions tag

Happy New Year 2012 guysss~~~!

how is your new year? i hope it's all fun~!
i spent my new year with my family~
so we went to my Aunt apartment and watch firework there~
here is some photos i took with my Samsung Galaxy Ace.


so much people and this is ON THE ROAD, of course it cause traffic jam....

yay firework!

More fireworks pics~ ( it's blocked by a tree though...)





blurred....but this one is really big!

after the fireworks we went to the MOI ( Mall Of Indonesia )

and i saw this....

New Year End Sale discount up to 70%!!!
OMG~ but i'm not buying the shoes, i run to the makeup section instead~ LOL
so who is shopaholic? 8D

And~ in this new year Janine was tagged me a questions tag~ thank you very much sweety~
so i will answer it now~

1. Where is the best place you've been to?
- My Hometown, the best place ever

2. What is the best movie you've ever seen?
- Pixar's Movie

3. Which do you like more: Curly or Straight hair?
- Straight, but when my hair is longer i'll curl it 8D

4. Would you spend more money in makeup or shoes?
- Makeup~
5. What is your favorite makeup brand?
- Japan and Korean brand, but i like NYX too.
6. What is your fashion must-have?
- Stockings, and over knee socks
7. If you had the chance to travel, to which country would you go?
- Japan~!
8. What is your best feature?
- I like the shape of my lips
9. Which do you like more: Ice Cream or Cake?
- Cakes! specially cheese cakes~
10. High Heels or Flats?
- High Heels~! because i'm small....
11. Would you like to go to the Past or Future?
- To the past if i can 8D

finishh yayy~~
and i've got past 50 follower already T___T
thank you very much guys, i love you all~!
Have a Great New Year!


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  1. Cool haircut I want my hair like that !!


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