Cosplay Event !!!

hi everyone~
today i went to a Cosplay Event at PRJ (Pekan Raya Jakarta)
it's so funnn~!! i went to the maid cafe, and go into Obake (Haunted House)
the haunted house is so scary~~~i know the ghost is 'people', but they suddenly screaming at me when i walk pass them! so i'm so scared...

the maid cafe is so so~ maid cafe is a cafe like a normal one but the waiter will wear a costume like a maid or cosplaying character from anime. and you can give request to the maid or butler there, which is so much fun. i request my butler to sing a song for me. LOL

here is my make up for today

Close up on eyes

Product i'm using:
- The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Make up Base
- Skin 79 Super+ Hot Pink BB Cream
- Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer (in Medium Sand)
- Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder (in Light)

- Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
- K-Pallete 1 Day Tatto Eyeliner (in Jet Black)
- Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Mascara
- Canmake Gokunobi Mascara
- NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil (in Light Brown)
- Random Fake Eyelashes

- Maybelline Watershine Liquid LipGloss (in Puppy Love)

and i'm using wig (Chestnut Brown color)

here is some photo i took there~
at Maid Cafe eating pudding
My Outfit today (costum by my dearest friend)

okay~ that's it for today~
have a nice day lovelies~
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(Review) K-Pallete 1 day Tattoo Eyeliner ( jet black ) + Hannah give away

hi guys~ lack of post i know

so today i'm goint to do a review on this famous eyeliner~
K-Pallete 1 day Tattoo Eyeliner ( jet black )

Finest eyeliner in Japan! It will last all day, which is why it is given the name "one day tattoo". However, it is still easy to remove with eye make-up remover. This brush-type eyeliner allows you to make very fine lines that will stay and not crumble off like most sponge type eyeliners.
 i saw so many review about it on internet, so i'm curious and want to try this eyeliner too~

the eyeliner comes in two shades jet black and super black, mine is jet black~
here is the swatch on my hand
you can make a super thin line with this!!

the tip of the eyeliner is very thin, and its so easy to use even for beginner! you can draw thin line and make a nice winged eyeline with this~
Rub rub rub~the color begin to fade out
Add water hmmmm...
and rub again, its still there

the staying power is good too~! but NEVER rub it! i noticed this eyeliner was easy to rub off, but its works better if you use eye primer and the color show more intense too.
the only thing that  i don't like is i have to do multiple coat to have a darker lines if you don't use eye primer...
but this eyeliner is easy to remove with eye remover which a plus for me.

Without primer

With primer (see the different?)

Pro :
- Easy to use
- Can make a super thin line
- Waterproof (don't rub!)
- Long lasting
- Easy to remove
- Easy to buy here or here (for indonesia only)
Con :
- Easy to rub off
- Have to do multiple coat to have darker lines
tips: Use eye primer

Ratings: 4/5

And Don't Forget to join Life Sparkles Giveaway! Hannah will give away Barry M Nail Polish for the winner~
here's how you enter:

You MUST be a public follower of Hannah blog and comment  with your GFC, email address and name of the Barry M polish you'd like to win.

1 Extra entry: follow her (@IamHannahx) on twitter and tweet about this giveaway, mention her in the tweet so she can see it!
1 Extra entry: Post about this giveaway on your blog
1 Extra entry: Put this giveaway in your sidebar

This  Giveaway will close on Midnight UK time Friday 4th November 2011 and the winner will be announced Saturday 5th November 2011 :)

good luck everybody~ have a good day~
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Alice in wonderland tutorial!+ Sigma giveaway! by : Eki Blog

hi everyonee~ i have a good news to you all~
its a giveaway by Eki Blog~!!

Let's join together~~!! <3<3
One winner will receive a set of Make Me Cool-Aqua Brush Set from Sigma Beauty

It's really cool right? Photobucket
so here is the rule :

1. Must be both reader of Eki Blog and a subscriber on Eki youtube channel
That is all you have to do to enter!

For bonus entries:
+1 Re-blog her giveaway with a link to her post

+1 re-tweet her giveaway " Sigma Brush set giveaway at ekiblog.com @Sigma_Beauty http://www.ekiblog.com/2011/10/alice-in-wonderland-tutorial-sigma.html "

Giveaway ends 10/30/11 midnight central US time zone~

i hope all of you entering too~ good luck!

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( Quick Review) Maybelline Watershine Liquid (pupy love) & My Recent Haul

hello~ today i'm going to do quick review ( want go to sleep early, so tired because of my job )

 today review is about Maybelline Watershine Liquid (pupy love)

Swatch on my hand

swatch on my lips

I do LOVE this lip gloss~!! the color is soft pink with a little hint of peach?? but looks clear on my lips because my lips is pink pigmented already.... but i love the natural glossy effect~! the texture is quite thick but not sticky! it stays on my lips for about 4 hours (need touch up). I wear this everyday for go to work~ but i wonder about buying this again because i read Cominica post about Opera moist lipgloss, i want to try it~~!!! Photobucket

- Natural shades (perfect for everyday looks)
- Non sticky texture
- Natural glossy effect
- Easy to get

- Not any

Here is my recent haul

- NYX Matte nail polish ( Red )
- K-Pallete 1 day Tattoo Eyeliner ( jet black )
- My Beauty Diary Mask ( Black Pearl )
- My Beauty Diary Mask ( Aloe )
- My Beauty Diary Mask ( Chocolate Truffle ) *yum* LOL

Samples~~~ i got this inside the package of my haul~
- Skin 79 VIP Gold super+ BB Cream
- Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
- Baviphat Lemon White Sleeping Pack
- Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack
- Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream

do you have any request which one should i review first?
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(Review) Skin 79 Hotpink Triple Function BB Cream

Hi everyone~ today review is about my favorite bb cream~

What is bb cream?
BB cream, also known as Blemish Balm, Blemish Base or Beblesh Balm, is a cosmetic item sold mainly in East and Southeast Asia. 
Originally formulated in Germany by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek, it was initially used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes.
BB creams come in a variety of different formulations and qualities. Some are said to have skin whitening or brightening properties. Others are anti-acne, some are anti-wrinkle, some are intended to even out skin tone, and yet others to lighten blemish scars. BB creams are sometimes used like a primer under foundation, and if tinted may even replace foundation and some newer ones will have functions of primer, foundation, moisturizer, sun block, pore minimization and skin refining together which can save time and money in make-up.
Brands on the market aside others include BRTC - Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic, Dr. Jart, Lioele, Skin Food, Etude, The Face Shop, Missha and SKIN79.
In recent years BB cream has gained a huge following for its skin-regenerating functions and is now also widely used in Asia to provide natural-looking skin coverage. It has been named the "the secret of Korean actresses", which gained it large exposure in Asian markets.

so here is my favorite BB cream~
it's Skin 79 Hotpink Triple Function BB Cream~!! Photobucket

Triple Functioning:
- Whitening
- Wrinkle improvent
- UV Protection
Suitable for oily skin.
ingredients :
- It is 3 effects function beblesh balm.

- By Adenoisine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin.

 - Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and UV B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly.

- OSMOPUR ingredient of new concept which are Mined Sunflower, Rice Bran, Ivy Extracts protect skin from various harmful conditions, Phyto Complex ingredient which is good for skin moisturizing and soothing makes your skin always moist and healthy.

*Phyto Complex ingredient which is good for skin moisturizing and soothing makes your skin always moist and healthy

- This products has excellent cover function by composition of makeup base and foundation. It corrects your irregularly different skin tones naturally. At the same time by use of fine and soft texture porosity powder is excellent for your skin adhesion and sebum control.

Swatch on my hand :

I loveee loveee this BB cream~ love the coverage, love the color ( blend on my skintone nicely), and one more thing LOVE the packaging~!! XD Hot pink~!! 

Pro :
- Good Coverage
- Improve skin texture
- SPF 25++
- wrinkle free~
- Hot Pink packaging !
- Last long on my oily skin

Con :
- Nothing~

Rating: 5/5

Camwore using Skin 79 Hotpink BB cream :


you can buy it here (International shipping) or here (for indonesia only)
Have a nice day~  Photobucket
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(Review) Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Mascara (Waterproof)

Today i'm going to review my recent favorite mascara~
I use it everyday on my top lashes before i go to work~ ah, i'm using Canmake Gokunobi mascara for my lower lashes, will review it later~

Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Mascara

First glance its similar with the collosal one right?
it has a two sided brush~ i like the slim side because i can reach the lashes on the corner of my eyes or for my lower lashes.

okay so this is how its look like on my lashes~
with and without mascara
( forgot to wear circle lens...T_T )

with and without mascara
I can see curl~!! it's a wonder for me because my lashes is so short and drop easily~ it's almost useless to curl my lashes....
I wore it from 8 am - 6 pm, and guess what i don't see my curl anymore.....
it does smudge a bit under my eyes but i don't mind, it's better than my maybelline volum' express mascara which give me raccoon eyes.... (note: every waterproof mascara smudge on me). But it does give volume on my lashes and a little bit long effect. Thats why i fave this one,
If i can find mascara better than this one and doesn't smudge on me i will be so happy!

- Give Volume
- Plus a little bit long effect on lashes
- Waterproof (smudge a little on me but i don't mind since it's only a little)
- Two sided brush
- Affordable
- Doesn't hold my curl ( maybe it works on you xD )

Rating: 4/5
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