(Review) Opera Face Color (no.6)

Next i'm going to review this cute little blush called

 Opera Face Color (no.6)

swatch on my hand

the blush is in no.6 and the color is natural peach, it's really good to use for everyday make up and looks so natural~ which i like~

my face is so pale so i need this blush to make my face fresh when i go to work.
the color is not so pigmented so i have to build the color to get the look i want.
but i'm okay with it because it stays all day~
i want to try another blushes but i don't know which one LoL~ have a recommended blushes everyone?  

- Have a natural shades
- Stays all day
- Have smalls glitter (make your skin glow and fresh)
- Affordable
- Not so pigmented (but i don't mind)
- Color maybe not show on dark skin

Rating : 4/5


  1. Such a cute peach color ! I like it ! Kisses and you have a very nice blog, follow each other ? :-)


  2. yes~ i really like peach color~ <3
    yhx for visiting my blog~ *hugs for u~
    your blog is amazing!
    follow u already~ <3

  3. aww, I´m also quite pale and I actually have a blush that has a quite similar shade like this one :)
    also, thanks for following, of course I followed you back and will keep a track on your posts from now on :)

  4. yayy~ hi 5! XD
    you're welcome sweety~
    thx for following me too~
    you're the first! XD *happy
    keep in touch~ <3

  5. this is cute.. I like the color too and the shimmers on it :) I think this has a similarity with NARS' ORGASM and NYX's PINCHED blushes :)


  6. Really? :O
    i want to try Nars Orgasm, i read a lot of good review about it, but if the color is similar i prefer this one since it more cheap than Nars XD


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