Dotting Tools for Nail Arts

Hi guys! For such a long time I really wanted to have a dotting tools for nail art, usually I just use whatever I can use ex: bobby pins or toothpick. But finally I have it now! So excited when bornprettystore.com sent me this colourful dotting tools for me! *Psstt, it's their best selling item on their website!*

This dotting tools have two ends with different tip size that allows you to make different size of dots/lines for your nail arts.

They have same tip size on one side, while the other one have different size from big to super small tip for detailed nail arts.

Here is the comparison for each different size.

As you can see, you can easily make a perfect dots with it, and you can also make lines with dot and drag motions.

Here is some of my experiments using this dotting tools~

I really like how I could make a very small dots and thin lines for some details~
If you're interested on this product you can check it out here~
Or just check out their website at bornprettystore.com for more products.
Specially for my readers! You can use coupon code : PM10K31 For 10% discount on bornprettystore.com
They also ship worldwide so anyone can buy from them.
That's it for today~    

Have a nice day! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
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Cheap Authentic Lenses from Lensza!

Hi guys!! I'm backk atm... I'm sorry for neglecting my blog for months, because of so many technical problems... But now I "stole" my bf computer and wifi so I decided to blog while I can.

Today I want to share about this online circle lens store called lensza.co.id
If you're looking for a cheap place to buy contact lenses and lazy to go out then you've found the right place!

lensza.co.id is an online based contact lenses store that located in Indonesia. They carrying a lot of famous contact lenses brand such as Air Optix, ACUVUE, FreshKon, Dailies, FreshLook, X2, and many more!

They had so many discount provided on their web, and all the lenses are authentic. I saw a lot of their lenses are below 100k Rupiahs! So cheap!

As I browse through their web, I fell in love with X2 lilac, a pretty purple circle lense. After I ordered the lenses I got a notification email from them, and I got more email with a tracking numbers after they shipped my order. Talking about being professional, I didn't have to ask for tracking numbers because they gave me already, lol (ps: you have to sign up first before order)

After 1-2 days my order arrived. I can say that they have a great efforts on the packaging. They have their own packaging, a discount code, and a Thank You card inside.

 Here is how the lenses looks on my eyes

Don't forget to visit lensza.co.id for a cheap authentic contact lenses. Also don't forget to visit their Facebook: Lensza Indonesia And Twitter: @LenszaID

Thank you so much for reading guys, I hope this post is helpful.

Have a nice day! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
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