It's Kawaii Beauty Japan!

i've been a loyal Japanese Culture lover since a long time~
i love reading manga, watching anime and dorama, i love listening to J-pop songs (now addicted to One Ok Rock), i love wearing yukata, i love sakura but never seeing it in real life *hiks, i love Japanese food, i freaking love Matcha, i'm an active cosplayer now, and of course i love Japanese beauty products, makeup, skin care you name it!

So what is Kawaii Beauty Japan?

Kawaii Beauty Japan is one stop media where you can experience of
revealing your true beauty with Japanese beauty.

Their main Concept about Beauty is Skin, Body, and Heart

Healthy face is a must! Japanese woman always take care of their skin that's why most of them looks younger than their age. Kawaii Beauty Japan will introduce us about how to take care of our skin and they have weekly Japanese cosmetic campaign, which some winners selected by lot will receive wonderful Japanese cosmetic from Japan.

here is some of Japanese woman that i adore to death!

Ayumi Hamasaki
My eternal idol! She is the reason why i started wearing makeup! i love her style so much, it's a gyaru style but not too extreme, so pretty~ 

Utada Hikaru
her skin are just flawless! and her song is always on my playlist! love her!


She is the reason why i start cosplaying in 2009. Saya is a cosplayer from Japan, her cosplay is amazing and she still my idol until now. Saya passed away on March 15th 2011 early morning because of accident. 

The basis of maintaining beauty is by eating healthy food! Japanese diet is often considered as a healthiest diet! A lot of Japanese people live a long life because they eat healthy! get some tips about Japanese healthy diet for beautiful and healthy body from Kawaii Beauty Japan.

Beauty comes from not only appearance but within. Peaceful mind will makes us looks beauty too! Kawaii Beauty Japan will also introduce us so many way to relief our stress such as Onsen, Sakura viewing or drinking Japanese tea.

If you are interested in Japanese beauty, Japanese culture and everything about Japan, Please check out their Facebook page!
don't forget to follow their Twitter too! 
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( Review ) b•liv by Cellnique Shrink and Tighten

Hi guys! (●´∀`)ノ
ever heard about b•liv?
B.liv is a skincare line by Cellnique, and it's located in Malaysia.

About b•liv
b•liv is about confidence as we are seeking to inspire young people to believe in themselves and motivate them to make a difference not only in their skincare but also in their lives. The name “b•liv” is not just a contraction of the word “believe” but also a union of the words “be” and “live” aiming at forming a life style motto that encourages b•livers to “live the moment.

"Each b•liv product features a “multiple delivery-system”
targeting the solution of more than 1 problem in the same time. It is ideal for congested skin with blackheads, whiteheads and enlarged pores.

All b•liv products are sold with a 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked. If our products are not performing up to the user’s experience within 30 days of purchase, we will refund the full price (excluding postage fees). User experiencing faulty equipment (e.g. pump not working) may also have their product exchanged for a new one.

(description taken from b•liv website)

After consulted with them via email about my skin concern (they're very friendly), i got b•liv Shrink and Tighten alongside with another products that i'll talk at different post. So let's take a look!

large pores reducing serum

Shrink and Tighten works its way to make pores appear smaller, having a tightening effect on the skin. It also helps unclog pores and calm down irritated skin by pumping in collagen, antioxidants, vitamins and skin repairing ingredients.

• Minimizes the look of pores 
• Controls oil 
• Unclogs pores 
• Regenerates and repairs cells 
• Brightens and firms the skin

How to use:
- Use 2-3 pea-sized drops of Shrink and Tighten onto your palm.
- Apply gently over your cleansed face using circular motions until fully absorbed.

The texture of this serum is quite runny with clear color, the formula is really light weight and absorbed quickly onto my skin and have a matte finish, so i can use it before doing my makeup. (*´▽`*)

Serum texture
This serum have a slight cooling effect and it's really refreshing, the scent is a little but chemical but not anything that really strong. 

After several weeks usage, i'm really impressed with this product, and i'm surprised my self after saw the before and after photos that i took my self.
so here is before and after photo, (i didn't photoshop all of this before and after photos, it's all straight from my camera)

closer look of my pores
after several weeks of usage
closer look, after several weeks of usage
Can you see the different??
My pores it's still there but it become smaller and less visible!
my pores around the nose is still a little bit visible but i really like about what it's done to my pores around my cheek~
i'll keep using this serum and see if it can be better~ (人´∀`*)

so if you're interested on trying this products,
you can check it on their website here

Have a nice day! (。’▽’。)♡

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( REview ) coco eye Lavender in Red Wine

Hi guys! today i'll reviewing circle lens again *hope you guys don't get bored  (°◇°;)
i got a lot of circle lens that i haven't review yet, so bear with me guys~

My sponsor Softlensholic say that this lens is new, so i got a chance to try it and quickly fell in love with it! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫

Coco Eye Lavender 3 Tone in Red Wine

Specification :
Diameter         : 18.80mm
B.C.                : 8.60
Water Content : 48%
Duration          : 12 month
Brand              : Coco eye 
Origin              : Korea

The pattern is really pretty, like it's name this lens have 3 color blended together and create an abstract pattern. For Red Wine the color is black, yellow and pale red (almost pink).

On my eyes the pattern didn't looks abstract anymore! how strange! ⊙△⊙
it's looks like a small flower on my eyes, or my interpretation is weird?
but it looks so pretty in real life, with or without flash~ 
without flash, outdoor lighting
without flash, indoor lighting
with flash
Photo taken at Studio
this lens have 18.80 mm which sounds really big, but for me it's not really
different with 15++ mm lenses. and oh... i forgot to take a before and after pic for the comparison, forgive me.... ヽ(;▽;)ノ *bow

Color and pattern ( 5/5 ):
the color and pattern is both a top knot for me. Vibrant color even on my dark eyes, and the pattern is so pretty! and i never see a lenses with similar pattern. i give this lens a 5!

Enlargement Effect ( 2/5 ) :
the lens diameter is 18.80 mm, which i think will make my eyes look like alien, but it's not... i do feel relieve but this lens makes no different with 15 mm lenses, so i think it's pointless.

Comfort ( 4/5 ) :
this lens is really comfortable on my eyes, but after 5 hours or so my eyes start to feel dry, and need a drop of lens solution. But after that it feels comfortable again.

Overall ratings ( 4/5 ) :
Great lens for anyone who wants to make their eyes looks pretty, the pattern is really nice and unique, the color is pretty vibrant too. But the enlargement effect is the same with 15 mm lenses, so don't be afraid with the "18.80 mm" label, my eyes still looks normal with this lens lol. The comfortness is so so but not so bad, so this lens is worth a try~

I got this lens from Softlensholic
if you're interested on getting this lens,
don't forget to check out their 

Have a nice day! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
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