EOTD Playing With Eye Shadows

Hi guys~
finally my internship is done!
yayy for free time~ XD
so i'm really bored today and i decide to play with eye shadows.
i don't really wear eye shadow normally...
i usually just wear eyeliner and mascara.
so i don't have a lot of eye shadow on my make up collections.
just have the natural color...
i also not really good at wearing it, but this is the result.


by the way i'm using this eye shadow

Revlon Custom Eyes ( in :sweet innocence )

when the first time i used it, it fell down....the eye shadow inside is cracking...
huftt... it look so messy right now so i decide to use a picture from google...

Here is some picture of me wearing this eye shadow



i really have to learn more about wearing eye shadow,
how do you guys think? i really want to hear some good advice.
i know you guys are really good at this, XD


1 comment:

  1. That is a nice eyeshadow pallette I like the colors ;)


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