( Nom Nom Matcha ) Applebee's with Punipun

Happy New Year 2017!!
How's your new year?
Mine is just eat, eat and eat!!
Before New Year I visited Applebee's Grill & Bar at Lippo Puri Mall with Punipun.

Applebee’s started with the same philosophy we follow today – focused on serving good food to good people. Today, what was once a popular neighborhood restaurant has grown to become a popular restaurant in neighborhoods all across North America – with almost 2,000 locations and counting.


I really love the interior! it's a perfect place to hang out with your friends, and the staff here said that this place often used to hold a PARTY! 

now... THE FOODS!

Lychee Ice Tea
We tried the Tea first, because it's so hot outside and this Tea is really refreshing with a hint of sweetness from the Lychee.

Fiesta Chicken Cob Salad
First Menu that comes out is Fiesta Chicken Cob Salad, this is my FAV! i like how the lettuce is fresh and the chicken that giving this menu savory enough. The dressing is delicious with the garlic! even Puni who don't like garlic can eat this! and look at the portion! it's really big, perfect for sharing with your friends.

Quosadilla Burger

Next is Quosadilla Burger, they swap the traditional Burger Buns to Taco Shell, YUM! The crispy Taco Shell adds an interesting texture to the juicy minced beef patty inside. This menu is paired with a vegetables and fries. And again the portion is really big!

Look at that thick juicy meat patty!
Half Baby Back Ribs
Next is this Half Baby Back Ribs, it's my first time eating ribs actually, haha! This one is Pork Ribs, but they have the Beef one as well. They cook it with separate equipment and Applebee's is a Halal Restaurant. 

Look at the size! and this is only HALF PORTION, imagine if you ordered the full portion, YUM!
The glaze is really tasty, they blend the spices really well! it's sweet, savory, and not spicy but enough heat. The ribs is tender and easy to cut. This menu is paired with grilled corn, salad, and fries.

Tiramisu Mocktail

The last is Dessert! We got Tiramisu Mocktail! It's sweet and refreshing! perfect for people with sweet tooth, Puni like this a lot that she finished it all by her self. Don't forget to look at the size!

Fyuh! we ate a lot! Thank you Applebee's for having us! I really enjoying my time here, the vibe in this restaurant is really good and the lighting is awesome for selfie, hehe.

Applebee's outdoor area

Thank you Mr. Mickey for having us! we really enjoying our time at Applebee's!

Applebee's Grill & Bar 🍎 
Plaza Senayan, Level P5 
☎️ 021 - 57906054 

Lippo Mall Puri - St.Moritz GF 
☎️ 021 - 22582760 
📧 applebeesid@gmail.com 

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La Rose Rouge Passion Series for my Damaged Hair

Jadi ceritanya...
Dulu rambutku itu panjangggg banget sampe pinggang, dan lagi karena pernah blonde alias pirang,
Ombre warna warni. Rambutku itu super rusak banget, bahkan kalau ditarik dikit langsung patah. OMG!

Belakangan ini terpaksa rambutku dipotong untuk membuang bagian rusaknya...
hilang deh setengah rambutku, jadi sisa sebahu...

walaupun sudah dipotong, tetap saja rambutku terancam tetap rusak karena hampir tiap hari kucatok lurus. Akhirnya aku berkesempatan buat nyoba shampoo La Rose Rouge ini yang aku dapetin dari Perfect Beauty.
Sebenarnya sudah lama mau nyobain shampoo ini, cuma aku takut karena kulit kepalaku mudah ketombean. Tapi kalau gadicoba kan ga ada yang tahu, yah. haha

Beginilah penampakan shampoo La Rose Rouge ini, botolnya warna pink dan ada pumpnya. Paling suka sama pump karena gausah buka tutup botol lagi, hehe.

Kesan pertama setelah nyoba shampoo ini adalah WANGI BANGET! wanginya bunga-bunga dan feminim sekali dibanding shampoo yang biasa aku pakai (biasanya aroma mint-mint macho).
Busanya lumayan banyak dan ngga bikin rambut berasa keset, conditionernya juga bikin rambut haluuss banget setelah dibilas. Yang paling penting ternyata shampoo dan conditioner ini ga bikin ketombe aku balik! happy banget deh!

Ini foto before after rambut aku setelah pake shampoo dan conditioner La Rose Rouge ini.

before... frizzy...hiks
Kamu bisa dapetin Shampoo dan Conditioner ini di Perfect Beauty, banyak juga loh produk-produk lainnya dengan harga bersaing di situ! Kalau udah pernah cobain yuk share pengalaman kamu dengan shampoo ini! ^^

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Getting Lashes Extension at Lashtique!

Last week! i'm finally went YOLO and get Lashes Extension for the first time!! ( ᐛ )و
because i'm getting tired using false lashes and want to look fab even if i just woke up from my hibernation.
If you're lazy in the morning (like me) to put on mascara or false lashes,
Lashes Extension is the answer guys!!
Thank you for whoever invented this!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I went to Lashtique for my first ever experience with lashes extension because i researched about them and i found out that they have The Best Quality Product from KOREA. (*゚ロ゚)
My new Fab Lashes
What is Lashtique?

It's The first eyelashes clinic in North Jakarta. Now you can say goodbye to daily mascara and say hello to eyelashes extension. 
Located at Gading Walk Arcade #26 - Mal Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia 14240

Some advice guys, don't ever wear dresses or flowy skirt at Gading Walk... (´Д` )
I wore dress at that day and strong wind at Gading Walk just blow my dress up to my face and i'm struggling to protect my legs to not showed to everybody there.
Seriously guys... just wear pants, okay? (≧ヘ≦ )

When i go there, and entering Lashtique i was like "wow, what a fancy and cute place."
there is a lot of flowers, and the girl behind the counter is so cute and friendly. And she wear lashes extension too. (‘∀’●)♡

The cute girl at the counter will ask, what kind of lashes that you want to get.
i was confused at the time because i have no idea at all, 
( first timer thingy, don't judge me okay? ) ( ≧Д≦)
Then she kindly recommend me that Volume Diva will suit me the most, because my lashes are very thin and short ( you can't even see it ). (´;ω;`)

After decided what i'll have on my lashes, they told me to wear this cute fury sandal and went straight to treatment room. I have to take photo of it because it's fury sandal, but it's blurry...

This is what the treatment room look like, the beds are so comfy and they also provides some super soft blanket in case you want to sleep there, and i did.
They play soft and calm music there, and i noticed they play My Neighbor Totoro instrumental version. Good job Lashtique!

Here is me, laying there and i actually sleeping a while when the staff did my lashes. The staff is very kind and she have a calm voice. I feel comfortable hearing it, haha. She handle my lashes with care and soft hand because eyes area is very sensitive.
Oh yeah, you have to clean your make up first before treatment because if not, the glue that will attached the extension will not adhere well!

The treatment takes time 1,5 - 2 hours, and you can't open your eyes! so don't wear contact lens like i do girls, because it'll be quite uncomfortable. Ah... all things that we do for beauty.

Finished my upper lashes, yeah girl look at that fabulous lashes. My face is poker face because i don't want my silly face being seen. Deep inside i'm so happy with the result.
After that i decided to get lower lashes extension as well, because mine is nowhere to be find.

getting lower lashes too!
pretty staff attaching lower lashes

Finished!!! Look at that lashes, so fab~~ My friend said it looks great and natural!
Here is before and after photo. (dunno why my face have different color... probably because of the lighting is different)
Before and After lashes extension

Yayy! welcome my new lashes! goodbye mascara!!
overall i'm very satisfied with the result! Good Job Lashtique!

Oh, they also selling falsies and collagen mascara for your beautiful lashes! Lashtique is truly lashes heaven, don't you agree?

You can visit Lashtique if you want to have fabulous lashes everyday! 
at Gading Walk Arcade #26 - Mal Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia 14240
Phone: (021) 45878352
Instagram: @lashtiqueid

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Perfume Love and So...? Fragrance

Hello Girls! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
Who want's to smell wonderful all day? ❁❁
I'm pretty sure everyone want's that, right?

i've been carrying perfume bottle in my bag for years, and trying a lot of perfume from
various brands.
This time i tried Perfumes and Body Mist from Perfume Love and So...?

Perfume Love is inspired by Eternal Love. (。♥‿♥。)
Every perfume are made in heart shaped bottle with special fragrance that can match our personality.

My Love

This cute perfume with heart shaped bottle have a sweet scent. Mixture of fruity Blackcurrant, Lemon,  and Jasmine flower.

You & Me

This bodymist have more of Tropical scent which included Mango, Papaya, and Pineapple. Also mixed with sensual Musk and Sandalwood scents. (MY FAVORITE) (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Lost in Love

This body mist have a cheerful and sexy scents. Mixture of Raspberry, Pear, Amber, Peony, and Vanilla.

How about So...? unique name right?
So...? is from England and have been sold in 35 countries. The good news is So...? is now available in Indonesia! O(≧∇≦)O

So...? Brit

This Eau de Toilette is inspired by elegant, sophisticated, and wild young woman. The scents are begin with  Peony and English Rose, and mixed with Amber and Cranberry. And ended with Iris and Vanilla scents.

So...? Desirable

This body mist have a happy and passionate fragrance. It has floral scents included Exotic Musk, Freesia, and Magnolia. Also fruity scents from Apple and Mandarin.

So...? Kiss Me

This bosy mist also one of my favorite. The scents is really sweet and feminine. The scents begin with Blackcurrant, Pineapple, and Citron. Folowed by Freesia, Musk and Vanilla.

So...? Sensual

This Eau de Toilette is inspired by Brave, Calm, Confident, and Feminine woman. It begin with Mint and Pineapple scents, followed by Sweet Strawberry and Violet, ended with Vanilla, Praline and Musk.

So far my favorite is You & Me from Perfume Love and So...? Kiss Me~
I prefer Body Mist than a Eau De Toilette, because it's milder.
which one is your favorite? ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ
You can find all of this Fragrance easily at Hero, Guardian, and Indomaret!

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Go Ombre with Blow+Bar!

If you are following my social media, you might have know that i just colored my hair at
Blow+Bar Salon at Kemang Village, with my partner in crime Puni/momo/cheek monster.
If you haven't know yet, Blow+Bar is the Singapore’s first LIFESTYLE GROOMING BAR in Kemang Village, Jakarta that serves up full hair services and manicures with complimentary drinks. A social place for busy urbanites, Blow+Bar combines hair and nail services with drinks in a chill and relaxing bar environment.
What's special about this hair heaven is you can enjoy your hair pampering time with free beverages from their Bar! 
This Salon are well know for Permanent Blowout. This is similar to digital perm but they perfected the technique so that the result will look natural, effortless and long lasting. Their Motto is "Never a Bad Hair Day". To bad my hair is bleached so i can't try their Permanent Blowout :(
This is my hair before the Ombre Magic (haha)
looks decent from the front, but blehhh... from the back :(
I got Pepermint Tea for my beverage~ so refreshing and calm my tired body haha!
Getting ready for the hair coloring.
first my stylist begin to coloring my roots area with dark brown color to even out my hair color, we want to create gradation effect on my hair. From Brown to Purple hehe~
After that he begin to bleach my ends, to get ready for the Purple color~
And Tadaaa~ here is the final result! Hello Ombre Purple Hair!
Thank you for my stylist for this Fabulous hair!

Overall i really like their services, the staff is very understanding and kind. The best part is, they have Non Amonia Hair Dye which is no chemical annoying smell and more gentle to your hair!

If you would like to know more about Blow+Bar, feel free to check their website and social media below!


Website: http://blowplusbar.co.id/
Instagram: @blowplusbarid

Lippo Mall Kemang Village L1-32.
Jl. P. Antasari No. 36. Jakarta Selatan 12150

Ph. +62 21 295 28436
Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 9:30 pm

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