( Review ) N.NAIL Wild Tiger Bling Pattern Nail Foil Transfer

hi guys!
it's July already and here is a Nail Art post for this month!

closer look
i've got a love hate relationship with this nail foil, i really love the tiger pattern. it's so edgy and kinda cool to wear in some occasion. 
BUT! it's really hard to apply! i don't know why but i do have a trouble in applying this nail foil with a prefect finish. i got three times failed tries, but practice makes perfect right?

so here is the result on my nails, (although it's still not perfect)

so if you're interested in this Nail Foil you can get it here,
for only USD$7.69 or USD$12.00 with glue.
or you can check the other patterns which is all so pretty at KkcenterHk
don't know how to apply Nail Foil? you can check the tutorial here!

Have a nice day and keep being fabulous!

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