(Review) Opera Brightening Essence Lotion (for acne)

i'm so busy with my job and always arrived at home so late,maynababy.com
but i'm still doing some review here~maynababy.com
today i'm gonna reviews this two products from Opera Tokyo

 first is Opera Brightening Essence Lotion (for acne)

Full Description
A unique gel-type lotion which boasts the power to curb acne. The ‘New Touch’ gel turns into smooth lotion on the skin, yet turns back into gel within skin. 
• Rosemary extract delivers moisture inside skin and tightens pores 
• Hydrates skin 
• Inhibits secretion of oil 
• Provides protective veil
How to use: Apply amount the size of a 20-cent coin onto palm and smooth it over face after cleansing

Okay, so i got this from buying Opera face color which a single blush.
there is some kind of promo going on when i bought this, so if you buy one you will get one product FREE!!
but not all of the products maynababy.com
you have to choose between this and their Cleanse Foam Wash.
here is my opinion about this product :
-  Hydrates skin well
-  Absorbs really well on skin
-  Love the texture
- Can treat my bad acne maynababy.com

- Its HARD to get the product out from the bottle! (you can see the bottle made from hard material, so you can't squeeze it! and the lotion is in gel form, its hard to get it out....

- The smells is not really pleasant.

Rating : 3.5/5

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