( Quick Review) Maybelline Watershine Liquid (pupy love) & My Recent Haul

hello~ today i'm going to do quick review ( want go to sleep early, so tired because of my job )

 today review is about Maybelline Watershine Liquid (pupy love)

Swatch on my hand

swatch on my lips

I do LOVE this lip gloss~!! the color is soft pink with a little hint of peach?? but looks clear on my lips because my lips is pink pigmented already.... but i love the natural glossy effect~! the texture is quite thick but not sticky! it stays on my lips for about 4 hours (need touch up). I wear this everyday for go to work~ but i wonder about buying this again because i read Cominica post about Opera moist lipgloss, i want to try it~~!!! Photobucket

- Natural shades (perfect for everyday looks)
- Non sticky texture
- Natural glossy effect
- Easy to get

- Not any

Here is my recent haul

- NYX Matte nail polish ( Red )
- K-Pallete 1 day Tattoo Eyeliner ( jet black )
- My Beauty Diary Mask ( Black Pearl )
- My Beauty Diary Mask ( Aloe )
- My Beauty Diary Mask ( Chocolate Truffle ) *yum* LOL

Samples~~~ i got this inside the package of my haul~
- Skin 79 VIP Gold super+ BB Cream
- Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
- Baviphat Lemon White Sleeping Pack
- Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack
- Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream

do you have any request which one should i review first?


  1. hi usagi chan~ yes the color is so cutee~XD

  2. waah u got a very nice lip shape <333 thx for the review. I love to mix puppy love with red toned lip tint xD

  3. waaa thx linaaa~ <3333
    sometimes i mix it with my etude house miss tangerine lip tint~XD

  4. This is so cute, such a lovely colour :)

    thanks for the comment, I'm following back :)



  5. you're welcome~~
    thx for folowing back~<3333

  6. ooOo nice review and products! I want to see ur review on the 1day tattoo eyeliner. I am looking for something that'll last me all day.. i hope ur product has what it takes =) love ur blog. *following*

  7. aww, I have this lip gloss too, and absolutely love it! hahah try the opera one, it so shiny~~~~ XD

  8. Thanks for sharing the Maybelline Lip gloss review..its so pRetty!! the color is just so sweet!! and nice hauuulls!! ;)

  9. thankyou very much sweety~XD


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