( Review + Tutorial ) N.NAIL Pretty Lovely Flower Sea Hidden Patten Nail Foil Transfer [NNAIL-E28]

hi guys!
have you ever tried a nail foil transfer before?
i never try one before, but KkcenterHk kindly sent me one to try! *lucky

apparently Nail Foil Transfer is their new coming products!
( you guys have to check it out!)

there's a lot of beautiful pattern, but i choose this one
with a flowers pattern~

 N.NAIL Pretty Lovely Flower Sea Hidden Patten Nail Foil Transfer [NNAIL-E28] + glue
N.NAIL Pretty Lovely Flower Sea Hidden Patten Nail Foil Transfer [NNAIL-E28]  
it comes with a jar like this, and the foil is rolled up inside.
when i opened the jar you can see the foil is pretty long!
the length is actually 150cm!

here is the close up on the pattern, the flowers is so pretty and colorful
it will be great for spring!

the glue applicator is the same with nail polish, and the consistency
of this glue is quiet runny, but can be spread easily on nails.

Here is step by step tutorial on how to apply a Nail Foil Transfer,

- first you can paint your nail with your favorite nail polish,
  this time i'm wearing a nail polish from Etude House.

- After that we can measure and cut the foil so it will match our nail
  and will be more easy to use. *cut it with a good and sharp scissor!

- After cut the foil with our desirable sizes, now it's time to coat our nail
  with the glue! *apply it normally like applying nail polish

- Wait until the glue color turn out from white to clear,
  (it was the best tack time!) and quickly place the foil on to the nail.
  rub the foil gently, and make sure the pattern is transferred nicely.
  (of course practice makes perfect!)

- Apply top coat and it's done!

i also tried it on my other hand but minus the nail polish,
which one looks better?

by the way the glue is not included but you can get the foil + glue
with just  USD$12.00 !
and foil only is just USD$7.69 and you will get 150cm foil! *it's a lot!

if you're interested on trying this new products, don't forget to check out
KkcenterHk !
apparently my coupon code for the site is already overdue,
but i'll ask for an extension so don't worry!
you can use the coupon code as soon as possible!

Thank you very much for reading~
Have a nice day!

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