( Review ) pandora Vanilla Shake in Pandora Grey

hi guys! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
who wants a bigger looking eyes?
i did!  (☆^O^☆)
my eyes is pretty small to begin with, and there's a time when i want
my eyes to look bigger in certain occasion.
so i tried this lens called Pandora Vanilla Shake, because the diameter
is so big! 19.5mm for the god sake...⊙△⊙

well lets see the lenses!

Specification :
Diameter: 19.50mm
Water content: 52%
Duration : 6-12 month
Brand : Pandora
Origin : China

 photo DSC00949_zps667922c9.jpg

 photo DSC00950_zps174ba894.jpg

 photo DSC00952_zpsc48b209c.jpg

the lens comes with the pink box, the box has this beautiful pattern with
"Vanilla Shake" in the middle. probably the most cute lens packaging i've seen so far.

 photo DSC00955_zps3a445eaf.jpg

the pattern is really pretty, it's like blooming flower with 3 colors,
mine is in Pandora Grey but i only see black, soft purple and soft yellow there....but after applied on eyes, all of this colors blend together on my eyes and looks grey! how weird! ⊙△⊙

 photo DSC00968_zps95bafae6.jpg
without flash
 photo DSC00966_zpsfdb324cf.jpg

 photo DSC00964_zpsdb5ad699.jpg
with flash
as you can see this lens is really big! 19.5 mm, and here you can see
the differences.

 photo DSC00960_zps5a3069de.jpg
left: with lens , right: without lens

Color and pattern ( 4.5/5 ):
the color is very unique, because the actual color on the lens is black, purple, and yellow but after applied to eyes it will looks grey and the pattern is so pretty.

Enlargement Effect ( 5/5 ) :
the enlargement effect is crazy! of course with the diameter 19.5 mm this lens will make your eyes looks bigger!

Comfort ( 4/5 ) :
bigger lens tends to make eyes tired faster than normal diameter lenses,
but this lens is pretty thin and comfortable to use for a long time usage, my eyes getting tired after 5-6 hours usage. pretty good for a big lens like this.

Overall ratings ( 4.5/5 ) :
this lens have a great enlargement effect, really nice for dolly looks or gyaru looks. the color is pretty natural and not too overwhelming. the pattern is very unique and pretty to look at, i got a lot of compliment when wearing this lens!

I got this lens from Softlensholic,
if you're interested on getting this lens ( the other colors is super pretty too! ),
don't forget to check out their Facebook or Facebook Page

have a nice day! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

 photo DSC00983t_zpsa9d008d7.jpg

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