Online Shopping Experience!

hi guys!
how is your day?
today is a short post and i want to share to all of you my online shopping experience!
do you believe that ALMOST all of my beauty products are bought online??
yes it is!! i rarely go to buy it myself *lazy me
what i always do is just click* click* and it will arrived at my home 1-2 days after. Online shopping is really addicting and convenience!

but if we don't be careful enough we can be defrauded and lose our money and our trust!
so carefully search for a trusted online shop is a first thing to do!

here i want to introduce an Indonesian base site where you can search for a trusted online shop! Dskon ! at Dskon we can find a trusted online shop for our beauty needs and also a lot of beauty related information! a lot of fashion and beauty blogger are featured there too!

for the online shops you can search here , you can find a lot of trusted online shop from different brand there. Some of them are my favorite online shop!

if you want to ask a questions or simply get an update from Dskon,
don't forget to visit their Facebook page.

i hope this information will make your online shopping more easier!
don't forget to check out their website for more information!
have a nice day~

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