Private Photosession with Nurfajar Tetuko

So, how many of you can reveal your true self on photographs?
or maybe show your true smile, not a fake smile.

Me, i can't!
i did always smile on my pics, but it's fake!
it was all pretending. i always thing that my teeth is not good enough,
so i rarely take a picture with my teeth showing.
well we all have our insecurity right?

but all of it is changed! after i have a private session with
Nurfajar Tetuko - Headshot Photography & Coaching

Nurfajar Tetuko is a premiere headshot coach and photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He study photography since 2007 and starts to specialize himself ishooting people's expression.

The human face is a complex construction that can change simply through

emotion. A good emotion can create a beautiful expression and thus make a 
good photo out of nothing but expression. The service he provide as a headshot 
photographer will help you create your best photograph of your face through 
intense studio coaching and it will benefit you with skills that can help you find
your angles and expression in every photo you take since then.

(info taken from his page)

Tetuko is also my friend and a Fashion Blogger too!
a session with him is not like a normal photoshoot that i did before.

because we talked a lot before the photoshoot, like what is our dreams, or about happy memories and what is our passion. 

He also teach me how to make my body look slimmer on photo and a trick that
every Hollywood celebrity used to make their photographs looks cool!

the photo session is also not like others, i'm not posing or whatever!
i'm just talking with him! i mean really talking! but of course while talking Tetuko is
taking the photos. 

So the photographs taken is a real expression of me! it's my real smile, my real
happy face. i was like "wow... so i can make that expression too" 

of course my teeth is showing, but i didn't mind at all...
my mind set is changing lol, there is nobody ugly if they're smiling!

okay stop the rumble and here is some of the result photos by Nurfajar Tetuko,
beware of my smiling face *slapped

the session is so fun~~
You can see more photo's on his Page
(sssttt! i heard there is one of his client got a girlfriend after a session with him! lol)

If you want to know how to look your best in photographs and learn all
of the tricks, don't forget to visit his page Nurfajar Tetuko - Headshot Photography & Coaching 
you can make reservation with him there!

Have a nice day~ 

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