( Review ) Koji Eye Talk + Simple Tutorial~

Hi guys~! (≧∇≦)/
today i'm gonna review this Koji Eye Talk that i bought at Watsons Singapore.
if you missed my Haul post here it is! (^▽^)

Koji Eye Talk

Descriptions from the packaging:
Koji Eye Talk ( Double Eyelid Makeup Tool )

Contains plant ceramide (moisturizing ingredient) and rosemary extract

- Simply apply onto eyelid and use fork applicator to create line for natural looking double eyelids.
- Can be used on single eyelids or hidden double eyelids.
- Glue turns translucent after drying up.
- Creates natural finishing.
- Strong adhesive glue to ensure double eyelids stay for long hours.
- To remove, wet cotton or tissue paper and wipe off.

Inside the packaging there is a tutorial about how to use this Koji Eye Talk and
how to create a different style of double eyelids.

The fork has two ends, the one on the left is for creating double eyelids and the one on the right is for touch up!

Here is how the applicator looks like, i found that this kind of applicator is pretty easy to works with.

Okay, so here is my eyes with no lenses and barely have enough sleep...
when i woke up my eyes will be swollen and my natural double eyelids will become like this.

sad right....
here is after applying one coat on Koji Eye Talk

the glue will become clear after drying~

after drying we can apply one more coat so the double eyelid will last longer

after the second coat becomes clear now we can use the fork to make a double eyelid,

just push the eyelids fast and the glue will stick together and form a natural double eyelid.
i failed several times at first but practice makes perfect!

here is the result!

here is how it's look when i close my eyes

before and after

with makeup

I really like how natural my double eyelid is! it's surely looks more natural than eyelid tape!
i tried it for 4 hours and it's still can hold up my eyelids very well~

- creates a natural double eyelids
- last long
- Very girly packaging
- Glue becomes clear after drying
- very easy to remove!
- comes with a very useful fork

- a little bit pricey...
- a little bit tricky to use but practice makes perfect!

this product is really worth a try! actually i already tried this kind of eyelid glue but from
Etude House because the price is cheaper but i really disappointed with it...
so i really happy that i decided to try this one! although the price is more expensive...

have you already try this products or an eyelid glue before?
don't forget to comment bellow guys~!
have a nice day~~ \(≧∇≦)/

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  1. Nice! It really does give natural eyelids. I want to try it next time ekekeke. Thanks for the post! ^^


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