( Review ) Pinkcoco Wig and comparison between real and fake pinkcoco

Hi guys! So today i'll do a wig review!
my first wig review~ yayy~
i'll reviewing a quite popular wig brand nowadays, 
It's Pinkcoco!
I got this wig from Hazelnut Cawaii~

when i opened the package, this is what i got! one bag from Hazelnut Cawaii ( the pink one ), one bag from Pinkcoco ( the black one ), and the wig.
Pinkcoco bag
So here is what REAL pinkcoco wig looks like,
the wig is inside a plastic packaging with Pinkcoco Logo over it,
on the side there is Pinkcoco official facebook link.

in the back of the plastic package you will find a wig comb and a hairnet, all is free stuff that you will get from Pinkcoco.

Real Pinkcoco wig have an official Pinkcoco tag on it, and i also got a card from Pinkcoco that have a contact number and the rest of it are all in Chinese language.

Free wig comb and hairnet!
I choose a Golden Brown for my wig, and the style is loose curly with cute straight bangs.
so here is photos of the wig in different lighting, 

without flash
with flash
i've been wearing this wig to a casual photoshoot with my friend, and this wig is very comfortable to use, looks very natural and great on photos and real life.
So here is my photos wearing this wig,

And now here is the comparison between a FAKE pinkcoco with REAL pinkcoco wig.

1. The FAKE one comes with a white box packaging!

yes, many of my friends are buying pinkcoco and got a white box packaging. Sadly it's fake.... i bought the fake one for almost 300.000 rupiahs, and i'm very mad because i feels cheated! 300.000 is not a small amount of money for me.

left: FAKE, right: REAL
2. The FAKE pinkcoco is super SHINY!!

here is the comparison between the fake pincoco and the real one,
the fake one looks super shiny under flash photo. Both of the fake and real one are NOT from human hair, but comparing to the real one? it's looks like disco ball....

left: FAKE, right: REAL
even under a sunlight, and take the photo without flash, it's still looks shiny! the real one looks more natural.

left: FAKE, right: REAL
left: FAKE, right: REAL
3. The FAKE pinkcoco wig is very thin!!!

i wore it once and i can see the scalp on the wig is showing! thats how thin it is.... here is the comparison photos,

the FAKE one....showing wig scalp
The REAL one, thicker hair
4. The REAL one is more easier to comb!! 

my real pinkcoco is even curly, and how come is curly wig is easier to comb than straight wig??

So i hope for anybody that read this post can be a smart buyer,
don't be like me cheated and lose 300.000 Rupiah for a bad wig...
the real pinkcoco wig is more expensive but the quality is far beyond the fake one! and plus you will get a free wig comb and hairnet.

I got my Real Pinkcoco from Hazelnut Cawaii
you can check their Facebook page here,

Hope this post is useful and have a nice day everyone!

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