(Review) Geo Xtra Nudy ( WCH 622 )

hi guyss~! i just received my lens order today~~

i can't wait to review it~

Geo Xtra Nudy ( WCH 622 ) Bluee!

Geo Xtra Nudy
code: WCH 622
color: Blue
B.C: 8.70
Dia: 15.0 mm
Origin: Korea

15,0 mm diameter is pretty big~! i heard that there is a lens with 17,0 mm as diameter? i wonder how big it is....
and guess what i got? Got this lens case as a bonus for my purchase!!


i'm a little bit surprised when i open the packages, because normally i'll got animal lens case as a bonus, something like this
is this a new bonus lens case? O.O
anybody received this lens case when buying circle lens?
but i'm kinda like this lens case because i don't own anything like this, so this one will be my favorite lens case.
so here is my picture when i try it
With and Without
With eye makeup

i loveee this lens! it makes my eyes appear bigger! my small eyes looks bigger = love <3
and i still can see the blue color which i'm afraid will be not shown well, because my iris is very dark.
first time trying it i feel comfortable too, but i'll try too wear it longer next time, ;)
actually i bought this for my next cosplay project, i'll cosplaying Black Rock Shooter for the next event at February and join the competition,

- Affordable
- Easy to get
- A lot of variant and color to choose
- Great for cosplay
- Eyes appear bigger

- I can't hate circle lens from Geo~~~ T_T

Rating: 5/5

i got this lens from softlensholic , you guys check it out!
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please join here it will end soon~


have a nice day~~ >w<

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