Starry Sky Nail

who doesn't like pretty nails?
i always grow my nail and love to do Nail Art. But sometimes using
nail polish can stained our nail, and yellow nail is not pretty at all!
Recently I found this nail art product called "Nail Wraps" at Bornpretty Store,
it's a full nail design that you can apply on your nail just like stickers!

The pattern is soooo beautiful and super sparkling. It's a starry night sky and looks like one of the Van Gogh painting.
I posted it on my Instagram and so many of my friend said that it's pretty and cool.
This is my favorite nail art pattern so far!
It's easy to use, just stick it on your nail, and file the extra part or just clip it with nail clip like me.
Apply A LOT of top coat to make it last longer, if you not apply it enough it will peeled off. What i like about this nail wrap is it doesn't stained my nail like nail polish do. And super easy and fast to apply~
Make sure to check this Nail Wrap at Bornpretty Store, i'm sure they have many more
interesting design there!
you can use my COUPON CODE: PM10K31 for 10% Discount!
Thank you for reading, have a good day!

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