The WORST eyeliner ever!

Hi lovelies~

Did you ever go to google and search for reviews of products that you want to buy?
I did that all the time before i buy a products,
i've been searching for a good gel eyeliner but most of them are EXPENSIVE,
and more expensive here in my country.

so i stumbled upon this gel eyeliner from ELF, i read the reviews and most of people said that it's amazing, not smudge, waterproof etc. and it's CHEAP!
so i think i'll give it a try.

I ordered it online, it's actually just 3$ but with shipping and agent tax i have to pay 8-9$ for this eyeliner.

i think that if the quality is nice i don't bother to pay 8-9$, it's still cheaper that other high end brand eyeliner right?

BUT! i was wrong!

This eyeliner smudges on me 5 minutes after applying... makes me like a panda...
and it's hard to apply this eyeliner because the formula is not creamy,
what makes me very disappointed is, a week after i open this eyeliner,
it's already dry and cracked!

the only thing that was nice from this product is the brush... yup this eyeliner comes with a brush.
i still keep the brush but using other gel eyeliner.

- the brush

- not waterproof
- not pigmented
- not creamy
- dry and cracked after a week

Maybe it's just me, maybe for you this eyeliner is fantastic.
but for me this eyeliner is the worst that i ever buy.

will never buy this again or maybe anything from ELF,
i really don't want to dislike the brand so if you have a recommended product from ELF,
please do let me know so i can try it. 

Thank you for reading,
have a nice day! ^w^ /

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