(Review) Geo Princess Mimi Café Series Latte

Hi guys~! today review is about CIRCLE LENS! yayy~
you can see my previous circle lens review here

i'm going to review this lens that i got from Softlensholic

Geo Princess Mimi Café Series Latte



Geo Princess cafe latte (WMM-506)
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Water content: 42%
Life span: 1 year


i got this cute hippo? lens case for free~ "ヽ(´▽`)ノ"


this is my EOTD wearing this lens, my iris is really dark so the pattern was not really shown. but you can still see the pattern a little. Pretty right? I think the pattern is like this? (゜▼゜*)

This lens looks way~~~ more natural than black circle lenses. which sometimes can make your eyes looks like alien, ⊙▂⊙
the pattern looks more vibrant if you takes photos with flash, in real life you can still see the pattern but it's more darker and not really visible from far away. 15mm diameters makes your eye bigger! but not over big! love it~ ヾ(*´∇`)ノ
i wear this lens for 5 or 6 hours, and this lens is really comfortable!

more photos when wearing Geo Princess Mimi Café Series Latte




- Natural enlargement effect
- 15 mm diameter
- Nice pattern
- Looks natural
- Really Comfortable

- Pattern not really shown on dark eyes, but still visible

Please check out Softlensholic page for cheap and authentic lenses! they carry a lot of different lenses such as Geo Lens, Barbie Eye, Miss Eye, and Eva. Their customer service is great too! my order comes really fast and i already order two times on this site. \(^ω^\)
Unfortunately they only ship for Indonesian customer for now.
Check out their facebook and facebook page too!

Disclaimer: i'm not being paid for doing this review, and i buy this lens with my own money ^w^
hope you guys enjoy my review~! (⌒.−)=★

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  1. Those lenses look really great! The pattern looks natural, but they still make your eyes look large and shiny...very pretty :)


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