( Sponsored Review ) KkcenterHk N.NAIL Water Decals Nail Art - WDBLE1161

hello ladies~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
aww, i has been slacking a lot this month, feeling sick since yesterday, ✖‿✖

okayyy~ so today i'll post about water decals again,
you can see my previous post here
is kindly sent me this product for review purpose, and the product is

KkcenterHk N.NAIL Water Decals Nail Art - WDBLE1161




i made a tutorial too on my previous post, ⊙ω⊙

first i'll coat my nail with a sheer pink and white color, i'm using klean color nail polish.


it's not that neat i know~ ⊙△⊙

here is the result after using nail decals and top coat.





how is it? pretty right? and really easy to use(*^▽^*)
even for a newbie like me~

you can find this water nail decals at KkcenterHk,
here is the product link.
you can get this pretty water nail decals for just USD$2.82!
and there is a lot of pattern to choose! visit their website for more information~

don't forget to use code "MATCHA" to get 10% discount for all items at KkcenterHk

that's it for today,
have a nice day~ (≧∇≦)/

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