NYX Round lipstick Rea ;)

Eerrr..my first post on this blog..#getting nervous >.<"

Firstly come first, gonna write an introduction of myself  :3
So..i'm in the same age, same university, same major, same class, same lazy ,same crazy,same otaku..uhh no..she's much more otaku i guess..ahahaha..

Short story, with those so many "same-ness" here n there *gosh my english.. (///.\\\)
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We're entering the last year (hopefully-last) in the university right now,so we do hope to make our last journey together more..memorable in a good way of coz..^^b
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Ohkay lets skip the intro and get down to the business now shall we~?

REVIEW : NYX Round lipstick - REA

NYX Round lipstick REA

This is a very creamy lipstick, you can use this without the lip balm application. It's completely moisturise your lips and make your lips looks fuller!
I'm shocked at how creamy it is! Make you feel like you're putting, smudging butter on your lips !

NYX REA on my hands..
Here in this pic below, you can actually see the color is quite brownish nude compare to my bare hands..

Next, here comes the swatch on my skin.
the upper one is how it looks like when it is use lightly,only one sweep.
and the below is the deeper color, i forgot how many times i've applied, perhaps 3-4 times.

How it looks like on my face..

It looks pale purple-ish with bits of brownish yet it is still nude color for my skin face.
This type of color will fits perfectly to the ones who wants to pretend to be sick..so you can skip school without ur parent or teacher hold you or even scold at you. *joking
Do not take my joke seriously..ahahaha XD bad example..>:D

But seriously, it gives a nice effect for the ones who wants to play sick or even dead,like zombies or..someone who is dying because of it's pale purple-ish color , it is not the best color for Asian skin types if you want to be attractive in a usual feminime way. I've seen Matcha used this before..and urgh..she looks dying,and thus.. no more cuteness on her . :( 

Another pic!

Here you can see the color on the lipstick and how it appears on my lips.
Quite different eh!? Please ignore my face..Orz..

I've been using this for a few times, you know.. for cosplay..a world where you can express yourself in a beautifully strange weird way..it looks good on me, .........sometimes i guess~ XD

Now for closer look ! lips only.

mmm..mamammiaah~  ////*.*////  LOL
see..now you get the point, it's not really need a lip balm application for this REA lipstick. it's already like butter. and here you can see it actually has a lighter color than my skin..i believes this is the reason why it looks pale on me.
sorry for the blur pic..Orz

So, my opinions on this item :
- The packaging looks simple standard but it's eye catching among your beauty products cause of it's black color.
- Creamy,no flakes at all,and it has a bit glossy wet look,but not shimmering.
- Instead of the brownish color outside, it is actually a bit purple-ish on the lips when applied.
- I'll recommend this for only some occasions that suits best, not for the usual hang out unless you intended  to look that way (pale).

Pros :
- Cheap~
- Cheap~
- Cheap~
- Make lips fuller
- It covers the lip lines , but not perfectly covers all.
- No flakes
- Good moisturising.
- Smooth application..very very smooth.
- Creamy texture

Cons :
- It can be break easily. Be careful when using it.
tips : Don't pull out too long and don't push too hard either.
        Don't use it when you're in a bad mood.*jokin :D
- Cannot stay for a long time.
- Smudge easily
- Gets off easily, (Ex : when you drink, it'll leave a mark on the glass)

Okay that's it..i hope you can get the information you want on this item. :D
Hope you enjoy this~ :)

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