Cosplay photoshoot ( Hinata Hyuuga )

hi guys!
it's been a while since i posted my last cosplay related things.
so today i'll share to you guys my Hinata Hyuuga Cosplay photos
taken from various cosplay events.

do you know who is Hinata Hyuuga?
if you are reading or watching Naruto, you should know about her!
hinata hyuuga

so here is my Hinata Hyuuga cosplay photos,

photo by: akbar, edited by: me
photo by: akbar
photo by: Kres
photo by: akbar
photo by: Kamego
photo by: Tian He

All of the photos credited to my dear Kameko's friends.
Thank you very much for the amazing photos~

How do you think about my Hinata Hyuuga cosplay?
don't forget to comment bellow!

i have another new cosplay project this month,
can't wait to share it to you guys!

have a nice day!

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