Maps on Your Nail!

Maps on Your Nail!

Bornprettystore gave me a few nail stickers to try and i'll try
this one first, because it's so unique and different!
Unique Route Road Map Design Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers !
They have so many Maps pattern from all over the world, and all of them is very interesting!
Details for all the Maps pattern:
I've tried one of them and here is how it's look on my nails.
The sticker is pretty thick, so you don't have to use nail polish underneath.
I just applied base coat and then the sticker, and top coat to seal the sticker in place.

Cut the design in your nail size first, then applied it. I've tried to apply it without cut it
in my nail size and it turn out messy. haha!

You can get this Nail Art at Bornprettystore
They have a lot of great quality
Nail Art supplies with cheap prices!
you also can use my Coupon Code "PM10K31" for 10% Off!
Will post more nail art review later!

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